USP forges ties with Russia over medicines quality

USP logoThe US Pharmacopeial Convention has signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia's Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, paving the way for closer collaboration between the two organisations in areas related to drug quality.

The two organisations will exchange information and work together to respond to accidental contamination or intentional adulteration of drugs and their ingredients, promote harmonisation of their respective pharmacopeias and encourage the use of modern laboratory and analytical standards.

Both the Ministry and the USP are responsible for the official pharmacopeias of their respective nations, drawing up the monographs on the identity, strength, quality and purity of medicines and their ingredients to help defend patients from poor-quality medicines.

"As we all collectively grapple with the risks posed by substandard and counterfeit medicines, the importance of information sharing, joint scientific work, modern standards and coordinated responses becomes even more pronounced," commented Dr. Roger Williams, USP's chief executive.

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