PPE supplier taps VerifyMe for anti-counterfeit labels

VerifyMe has won an order from personal protective equipment manufacturer Renavotio for security labels that will be used to protect surgical gloves.

The two companies announced earlier this month that they would partner on anti-counterfeit labels for PPE such as gloves, face masks, gowns, goggles, and face shields, which have become a target for counterfeiters during the coronavirus pandemic.

Renavotio has ordered enough labels for 2m boxes of gloves, and according to the company’s chief executive Billy Robinson the added security provide by them “has opened up the overseas PPE market to us again.”

VerifyMe designed a custom label for the PPE supplier that combines track and trace, tamper-evidence and authentication in one, which should boost Renavotio’s customers confidence in its products.

Renavotio was among the companies that sprang into action to supply PPE amid a global shortage when the COVID-19 crisis came to the fore last year, and like many companies was hit by counterfeiting, particularly for N95 masks.

The VerifyMe announcement comes just after Renavotio secured a $2.15m initial purchase order from a PPE supplier for boxes of surgical gloves.

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

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