Pharma label specialist ATL licenses authentication tech from DSS

DSS Barcode Barrier Security and pharmaceutical label maker ATL has signed a licensing agreement allowing it to use Document Security Systems AuthentiGuard suite of technologies in its anti-counterfeiting labels.

The two-year agreement gives ATL rights to use a range of AuthentiGuard technologies in its labels, including the Barcode Barricade system (pictured), which interferes with the ability to counterfeit by rendering the bar code virtually "unreadable" in a retail environment, and the Pantograph technology which allows hidden words, company logos or designs, and even forensic markers to appear when the document is photocopied or scanned, clearly identifying unauthorised duplications.

Other technologies covered under the agreement include the Phantom optically-variable authentication technology, hidden image technique Prism, Block Out to prevent copying using high-end colour copiers and invisible ink platform VeriGlow.

"DSS's cutting-edge technology, combined with ATL's own expertise in label manufacturing, gives our customers a highly customisable and non-forgeable labelling system that meets their particular, anti-piracy needs," commented ATL president and chief operating officer Donald Dobert.

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