Optel unveils easy-to-deploy serialization station

Manual Print StationOptel Vision has launched a low-cost station that can handle the printing and verification of serialised cartons.

The Manual Print Station can serve as an interim measure that can be installed rapidly onto a packaging line prior to upgrading it to full in-line serialization. It features thermal inkjet printing and either camera or handheld aggregation in an ultra-compact, quick-to-install format.

Optel maintains that the unit "allows very fast serialization implementation in order to quickly meet challenging deadlines."

The full text of the press announcement appears below:

Optel Vision launches the Manual Print Station - an effective solution for fast serialization implementation

Optel Vision a leading global provider of serialization and aggregation solutions, headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, announces the launch of the Manual Print Station an easy-to-use manual station managing the printing and verification of cartons, ensuring accurate serialization.

The Manual Print Station effectively delivers fast serialization compliance for pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturing organizations. Our completely manual station, handles a wide range of carton sizes in one low cost and compact unit that can be quickly installed on any table.

The Manual Print Station allows the operator to print and verify serialized codes with a simple push-pull movement of the sliding guide. Easy to use - quick to deploy - requires no specialized operator training. Different options of inspection and commissioning are available, making this an ideal solution for small batches.

Simplicity and flexibility allow for fast serialization implementation, meeting your challenging deadlines. The printing and inspection hardware and the serialization and aggregation software can be upgraded for full in-line serialization in a later phase.

"We are proud to release this effective solution bringing a relief to customers who can now benefit from 100 per cent serialization and aggregation capabilities in a simple, effective, low cost unit. Our Manual Print Station is designed for quick delivery, integration is quite fast while requiring minimum training," says Jean-Philippe Beaudet, product manager at Optel Vision.

Optel Vision is committed to innovation, ready to answer challenging demands of its customers and industry. Optel Vision is proud to consistently bring new and innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical manufacturers and packaging industry.

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