MHRA helps track and charge counterfeit drugs seller

Question mark tablets in blisterThe efficacy and safety watchdog for medicines in the UK has helped bring a man alleged to have been selling fake, powerful prescription medicines online.

The MHRA has confirmed to that Dmitrij Selkov has been charged with 17 offences under the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 and Trademarks Act 1994.

The 28-year old has been bailed to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court next Monday (January 12). The case involved various prescription drugs being sold over the Internet, including erectile dysfunction treatments and abortion medicines, the drugs watchdog said.

Abortion tablets are known to be sold over the Internet, costing as little as 78p, but medical experts have warned they could kill if taken in the wrong dosage.

It is believed many women, especially younger women and girls are turning to the online black market for these pills because of the anonymity it brings.

But an MHRA spokesperson told people must be careful when buying medicines online as some websites are not genuine pharmacies. 

A spokesperson said: "You don't know what you're getting, where it came from or if it's safe to take. The dose could be too high or too low, or the ingredients could break down incorrectly in the body which makes the medicine ineffective.

"Don't be tempted by cut price medicines and promises of 'next day delivery'. Taking short cuts could expose you to a dangerous counterfeit or substandard medicine.

"The bottom line is that there are no quick fixes when it comes to your health. [Patients] should speak with their GP who will be best placed to advise on the best course of treatment."

The market of counterfeit estimated to be worth more than £500m a year in Britain alone – the MRHA has been tasked with trying to prevent fake prescription drugs being sold over the Internet, and has with policing units across the country made a series of raids and charges over the past year.

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