Fujifilm launches anti-counterfeit label

FujiFilm ForgeGuardFujifilm has introduced what it claims is the world's first anti-counterfeit label that supports full-colour images and can be checked using a simple visual device.

Forgeguard takes the form of a hidden image which can be applied via a thin-layer coating to sticker labels, identification card-size laminating pouches and roll film using a new digital drawing system. The full-colour image is only revealed when viewed using an optical filter (see image).

The company maintains that anti-counterfeit systems such as colour-shifting images and inks and 3D holograms "have become so complex that, despite the improbability of complete reproduction, users can no longer tell the difference between the real and fake labels at a glance."

"ForgeGuard's ability to display a clear full-colour image enables a simple visual check," said Fujifilm in a statement.

The technology used in the system regulates light wavelengths on the nano-optic level, according to the company. Furthermore, the use of a digital drawing system eliminates the need to prepare an original printing plate, and accommodates small-lot orders of around 100,000 pieces.

Fujifilm is already active in the anti-counterfeiting arena with products such as its CodeStream laser markable coating, a tamper-evident system that prevents the modification of printed product information such as expiration dates, serialisation numbers, and lot codes.

ForgeGuard will be showcased at the Security Show 2010, which will be held at the Big Sight exhibition centre in Tokyo, Japan, from March 9 to 12.

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