FDA warns fake Avastin has reached doctors again

avastin pack shotThe FDA has warned doctors another counterfeit batch of cancer drug Avastin (bevacizumab) has reached medical practices.

Details of the latest warning echo cases where fake Avastin entered the legitimate supply chain last year. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said two batches of Altuzan - the brand name of Avastin in Turkey - were shipped to US patients by New York-based Pharmalogical.

Tests on one batch showed it contained no active ingredients, the FDA said. A Pharmalogical lawyer denied the accusations, telling the Wall Street Journal: "It's not accurate. It paints the client in a false light."

The Pharmalogical website sells 100 unit bottles of Botox for $440, but was unable to find references to Avastin. Pharmalogical says it is able to sell products at lower prices by purchasing them in bulk from manufacturers’ authorised distributors in Europe.

US law enforcement has taken a closer look at international drug distributors since fake Avastin from Turkey reached medical practices last year. Courts have also gone after US-based doctors who buy counterfeits.

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