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Explore the opportunities presented by a digital supply network at FutureLink Barcelona

TraceLink’s annual event, FutureLink brings together leaders from across the pharmaceutical supply chain to collaborate on the digital transformation evolving within the industry. FutureLink Barcelona, being held June 11-13, will advance the discussion around serialization and address the ongoing business value organizations can achieve from serialization investments.

Keynote speakers including Dr Frank Binder, Head of Global Supply Chain Management at Santen Pharmaceutical and Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO at TraceLink, will offer insight into a range of topics with a focus on realizing the potential of serialized data and a fully connected and visible supply chain.

Regulations fueling growth, and the network advantage

TraceLink’s success has been driven by its ability to support clients in delivering compliant serialization solutions in response to the numerous track and trace regulations around the globe.

As regulations such as the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) have been recently enforced, TraceLink has seen significant growth in its network, enabling companies to integrate once in order to interoperate with hundreds of thousands of trading partners through just a single connection. TraceLink’s network platform is a driving differentiator in the market, and has saved the industry more than $4.2bn by eliminating traditional point to point connections.

The cloud-based, multi-tenant platform was purpose-built to provide massive scalability and high quality, which means that all TraceLink customers, no matter the size, have access to the same capabilities.

In environments where compliance is the primary consideration, the end-to-end digital network manages both trade partner data exchange and data format complexities with far less implementation time and risk compared to point-to-point connections.

Long-term vision

“Our vision is a life science community where end-to-end digitalization is the standard, where every entity and business process is digitalized onto a single integrated digital platform. We are committed to this mission as we believe it will lower costs and improve supply chain efficiencies and ultimately yield better patient outcomes.” Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink.

To date, the industry has been focused on achieving compliance and meeting regulatory deadlines. However, the industry will soon move to a state where serialization is ‘business as usual’ therefore companies have already started to evaluate how the data generated from serialization investments can be used to transform other business processes.

To this end, TraceLink’s leadership team has identified market focus areas that will contribute to the advancement of the industry. One of TraceLink’s primary focus areas is to allow companies to rapidly digitalize their entire supply network processes through an extensible information exchange platform with applications that can be built and extended by third parties.

TraceLink’s strategic vision aligns with what leaders in the industry are also looking for. Dr Frank Binder, Corporate Officer and Head of Global Supply Chain Management at Santen Pharmaceutical, and advisory board member for FutureLink Barcelona, believes within the next few years, “it will become routine to exchange planning and transactional data between trade partners via digital means – emails and excel sheets will be a thing of the past.”

With increased digitalization in the pharmaceutical supply chain, TraceLink also sees opportunity to further engage patients in the pharma supply chain, and close the gap that exists between pharmaceutical manufacturers, patients and caregivers.

FutureLink Barcelona

With over 15 years of expertise in serialization within the pharmaceutical supply chain, TraceLink has built the world’s largest digital supply network, serving customers in nearly 50 countries with a network of over 275,000 entities, including contract manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, 3PLs, wholesalers, repackagers, hospitals and pharmacies.

FutureLink Barcelona will provide the collaboration platform for companies across the supply chain to share their challenges and co-develop solutions together.

The event will take place at the Hesperia Barcelona Tower Hotel, 11-13 June 2019. Industry speakers including Alessandro de Luca of Merck Healthcare, Frank Binder of Santen, Robert Hughes of DHL, Dennis Even of Pfizer, as well as various NMVO leaders will provide knowledge and insight around the next wave of global track and trace requirements as well as actionable expertise on how companies can begin developing their own digitalization plans by leveraging serialization and digital networks.

For more information and to reserve a seat, please visit FutureLink Barcelona.

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