Daiichi Sankyo issues warning about suspect product

Glutax 4G Premium pack shotDaiichi Sankyo is warning consumers in Malaysia about a suspicious antioxidant product which is being sold with its trade dress but is not manufactured by the drugmaker.

The 'Glutax 4G Premium' product - which appears to be extensively advertised online according to a search today - bears Daiichi Sankyo's name, logo and registered trademarks and uses a pack design that mimics one of the company's prescription drug products.

The pack - and indeed websites peddling it - also refers to a legitimate Daiichi Sankyo contract manufacturer (CMIC CMO) in what seems to be an attempt to lend further legitimacy to the product, which is advertised for a range of indications, including skin whitening, reducing wrinkles and strengthening the immune system.

Alarmingly, the packaging appears to suggest that the product is intended for intramuscular or intravenous administration.

"Glutax 4G Premium is sold as a product to be ingested into the body, [so] we consider it to be our highest priority to first of all protect consumers," said Daiichi Sankyo, adding that it is consulting with the Malaysian authorities on enforcement action, as well as making preparations for legal action.

"We have decided to place advertisements in Malaysian newspapers and magazines stating that Glutax 4G Premium is in fact a falsely-labeled, trademark-infringing product which is in no way connected to Daiichi Sankyo," it said.

A copy of the ad (in English) is available here.

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