Canadian pharmacy operator loses license

Pill bottles on keyboardCanadian Andrew Strempler has taken his name off the pharmacy register in his home state of Manitoba in the wake of a hearing at the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association which centred on allegations of supplying illegal and counterfeit medicines.

Strempler was instrumental in setting up the Canadian Internet pharmacy phenomenon which flourished in the early years of the decade, providing cheaper prescription medicines to US citizens via online transactions though websites operating as Mediplan Pharmacy and RxNorth.

A 2005 seizure of medicines by the US Food and Drug Administration handled by Strempler's organisation revealed that the majority came from overseas manufacturers even though they were presented as being made in Canada and approved by the national regulatory authorities. Further seizures a year later netted some counterfeit products.

The MPA had charged Strempler with professional misconduct but agreed to drop the case after ceding his registration and agreeing to pay C$7,500 towards costs.

The MPA announcement of the disciplinary hearing can be accessed here.

The loss of a Manitoba license has however, had little impact on Strempler's ability to operate, according to other news reports coming out of Canada this week.

An article in the Winnipeg Free Press notes that Strempler is still operating an online pharmacy business called PharmaCheck from Curacao in the Caribbean.

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