Authentication/security technology news in brief

A round-up of developments from Systech, AuthenticVision, eAgile, Nanotech Security Corp and EverCompliant.

Systech logoSystech's serialization, track-and-trace, authentication and consumer engagement platform UniSecure has won a platinum award by the judges of the annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards programme.  UniSecure generates a unique identification signature from an existing print mark or data carrier, such as a barcode. That unique signature is then stored in the Cloud for future authentication using a mobile app.

AuthenticVision imageAuthentic Vision has teamed up with ProAltitude to prevent the counterfeiting of certificates relied upon by organizations which employ people who work at height. ProAltitude trains and certifies climbers who perform tasks such as cleaning skyscraper windows or servicing wind turbines. This kind of certification is subject to "significant counterfeiting", say the partners, as it is mandatory for climbers to perform these jobs. Certificates will now carry a unique tag (randomised QR code and unique hologram), which can be scanned using a smartphone app. Records of scans are held on a web-based portal.

eSeal cap on tablet bottleRadiofrequency identification (RFID) specialist eAgile recently introduced ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID-tagged caps and closures for medicine bottles that can be used to automatically track drugs from the manufacturer to the patient. The production launch of eSeal follows pilot runs at multiple facilities where millions of RFID-enabled closures were introduced to the supply chain. The company says it is exploring the possibility of linking consumers and their NFC-enabled smartphones to authentication, expiration, and dosing information along with re-purchase and promotional opportunities.

UEFA Euro 2016 mascotNanotech Security Corp's authentication technology will be used on tickets for the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championship, which gets underway next month in France. Nanotech's KolourOptik technology was chosen for admission tickets, replacing older hologram technology used at past events. The technology relies on the application of two billion nano-sized holes to the tickets to create an ink-free photonic image of the tournament mascot.

EverCompliant imageEverCompliant has launched a mobile detection platform for its MerchantView platform that it claims is able to detect hidden mobile apps and fraudulent mobile payments being processed through legitimate merchant accounts. With m-commerce is expected to reach 30 per cent of total online purchases and reach a value of $800bn by 2019, the shift of 'transaction laundering' to mobile is also expected to rise sharply.

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