Abbott warns of counterfeit Vicodin ES

Counterfeit VicodinAbbott is warning consumers and healthcare professionals about two separate instances of counterfeit Vicodin ES (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) product purchased via the Internet.

Vicodin ES is a pain relief medication sold in the US through secure drug supply channels via fill and refill legitimate prescriptions, issued through legitimate physician-patient relationships, using on-line technology.

The counterfeit product drug and package do not match that of Abbott’s FDA- approved Vicodin ES, says the firm.

The counterfeit tablets are off-white with the markings F and P embossed on one side of the tablet. Removal of the fake Vicodin ES label revealed tablet markings and packaging which are believed to be Fenak Plus. Fenak Plus contains a different active ingredient (diclofenac) than Vicodin ES and is used to treat pain and fever.

"Abbott to prevent the sale of Vicodin class products through rogue Internet sites and is issuing this alert to help consumers and healthcare professionals identify counterfeit Vicodin," said the company in an alert.

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