Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association
Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA)AIPIA's mission is to decimate supply chain costs and increase it's members turnover by the implementation of high-tech solutions in packaging. We believe that active and intelligent technologies in packaging are key to permit premium pricing, key to growth, enhance efficiency and security, reduce waste and gain control in sales. To reach our goal, key-players in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have joined hands. Their target is extremely easy to understand: take advantage of the use of active and intelligent packaging solutions. Please join us here.

Association Belge Anti-Contrefacon (ABAC-BAAN)
ABAC-BAANABAC-BAAN: a non-profit organization which defends the interests of intellectual property right holders. Created in May 1995 by several holders of reputed trademarks which were victims of counterfeiting in Belgium and Luxembourg. Different branches of industry are represented reaching from luxury goods to common consumer goods such as clothing, sports equipments, leather goods, perfumes, toys and entertainment.

International Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM)
IRACMA non-profit association, the Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) was created in October 2010. Its missions: to raise public and authorities awareness concerning the scourge that counterfeit medicines represents, to train the committed actors in the fight against fake medicines, to centralize knowledge, good practices and know-how and to serve as a proactive interlocutor and advisory body proposing advice and solutions to national and international political and judiciary authorities. In September 2013, IRACM published an authoritative study report on "Counterfeit Medicines and Criminal Organizations".

Rx-360Rx-360 International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Consortium is a nonprofit international industry organization established in 2009. The purpose of our organization is to develop and implement enhanced global quality systems and processes that will help members ensure product quality and authenticity throughout their supply chains. Our membership includes pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and generic drug companies, as well as raw material suppliers, professional organizations and regulators.

The Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM)
The Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM)Counterfeit drugs are a serious patient safety problem. The Partnership for Safe Medicines is a group of not-for-profit organizations and individuals that have policies, procedures, or programs to protect consumers from counterfeit or contraband medicines. Corporate entities play a role in the Partnership by supporting our programmatic work.

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