Long Island trio arrested after $1.5m fake vape seizure

Three men have been arrested in Long Island after being found with $1m in counterfeit vaping products plus $140,000 in cash.

The counterfeits were copies of e-cigarettes manufactured by Logic Technology Development, which since 2015 has been part of Japan Tobacco International.

Ali Asghar (58), and his two sons Ali Zar (33) and Ali Moosa (35), were detained during a search of multiple homes and businesses throughout Long Island in ‘Operation Illogic’, and have been charged with trademark counterfeiting. They have pleaded not guilty, but face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Along with the seizure of 10,000 counterfeit e-cigarettes, refills and vape pens, several vehicles were confiscated and more than 30 bank accounts seized during the investigation.

Prosecutors say the products were shipped from China, and they estimated the family made at last $4m from the illicit trade in the last two years, selling the fakes via their own brick-and-mortar stores as well as via social media, Amazon, eBay and other online platforms.

The growing popularity of nicotine vaporisers as a healthier alternative to tobacco products like cigarettes is driving counterfeiters to cash in on that success by producing almost identical copies of the products, and claiming they are the genuine article.

Using the fakes could put consumers at risk of harm because their sourcing and ingredients are unknown. There are fears that counterfeit items could use substandard batteries at risk of catching fire, and toxic chemicals being included in the nicotine-laden liquid.

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