Lego decries fake 'Islamic State' Lego sold in Malaysia

Lego has distanced itself from a Chinese-made clone of its building brick sets – sold as the 'Falcon Commando' series – that depict terrorists and counter-terror agents, including some mini-figures that resemble Islamic State jihadis.

The series allegedly include mini figures showing a jihadi armed with a chainsaw and a bloodied head at its feet, with others including terrorists in balaclavas clutching dynamite and makeshift explosive devices, reports The sets are reportedly on sale in Malaysia but can be shipped to other countries, including Australia.

A search on AliExpress by revealed multiple listings for the series at the time of writing, including some claiming they were original Lego products.

"The company referred to, as well as the product(s) in question, is in no way affiliated with the Lego Group," said the manufacturer in a statement, adding: "The product is not a Lego product – nor are the bricks in the set Lego bricks."

"As a company dedicated to inspire and develop children, we would naturally never make a product like this," it continued.

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