Game educates public about music piracy

Music Inc appA free app that allows gamers to take on the role of a music executive and see the impact of piracy on their business has been launched in the UK.

Music Inc - available for both iOS and Android devices - has been launched by the UK's Intellectual Property Office IPO), UK Music and Aardman Music  and aims to give young music fans an insight into the modern music industry and to educate them on specific challenges thrown up by the digital market and copyright infringement.

"This is the first time government and the music industry have collaborated to create a game that focuses on educating young people on how the industry works and how creators earn money for their work," according to the IPO.

Gamers take on the role of a producer and owner of a start-up label, select artists to nurture, record their songs, then support them with marketing and band management, ultimately to build a commercial empire through sales of artists' recordings.

Just two weeks after the launch, over seven million songs had been created and 76,000 virtual artists signed, says the IPO.

"A resounding 76 per cent of gamers are making positive piracy decisions with an average play time of 19 minutes," it adds.

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