Vietnamese police seize 10 tonnes of fake supplements

Vietnamese flagPolice in northern Vietnam have busted a counterfeiting ring and confiscated more than 10 tonnes of fake food supplements.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Thanh Kien Trung, a police official at the Hanoi Police Department, told local news reporters that the capital city's police caught a car carrying 170 'queen bee secretion' products branded Costa Royal Jelly 1450 on Tran Khat Chan Street in Hai Ba Trung District on 24 January.

There were signs showing that these products were counterfeited, the police said.

The findings in the car last week them led the police this week to raid three warehouses at Lim Market in Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province, and three production locations in the district.     

At these facilities, police said they found and seized 505 cartons and 14 sacks containing fake food supplements of different kinds.

Each carton contained 20kg of semi-finished products while each sack contained 30kg of the same kind, according to reports.

Police also seized six machines for making such fake foods and a lot of stamps, labels, jars, and other items.

Three people were arrested in conjunction with these finds. Initial probes showed that one woman arrested had produced, transported and traded in fake supplementary food over a period of years.

Police said in a statement that they are now expanding their investigation to identify others involved in the case.

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