Pyramid Valley wines taps Oritain for verification

New Zealand wine producer Pyramid Valley has joined forces with Oritain to add forensic-level verification of the provenance and origin of bottles that it claims is a first for the fine wine sector.

The feature has two components. On a forensic level, Oritain says it can identify geochemical data that is 'imprinted' from grapes to finished wines, creating a unique fingerprint that be used to confirm that they are true to source.

In addition, the wines will also carry a QR code on their back label which provides a digital link to the verification of origin and provenance guarantee, say the partners.

The fingerprint can provide proof at any point of time in the supply chain, that the wine is the genuine article, with no changes or modifications, they claim.

"If a customer wants to verify for themselves the 2020 Lion's Tooth in their glass is the authentic product, we offer a unique guarantee. They simply have to keep a sample, contact us, and Oritain can supply the verification."

Pyramid Valley is a producer of cool climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in New Zealand's North Canterbury region, and will start rolling out the verification label on its recently-launched 2020 Pyramid Valley Botanicals Collection wines.

"Our technology enables us to give the consumer the ability to trace their wine from vine to barrel to bottle," said Oritain chief executive Grant Cochrane.

"It is an important breakthrough for producers providing a level of traceability like no other."

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