Visualant granted patent on fluid testing tech

ChromaIDVisualant has been awarded a US patent on its ChromaID technology, which can be used to detect and identify markers invisible to the human eye.

The patent has been awarded for a device that makes it easier to use ChromaID spectral analysis to identify counterfeit liquids, as well as other applications relevant to fluids such as looking for contamination or adulteration, says Visualant. The company recently signed an agreement diary company Benemilk to evaluate the system for quality assurance or quality control tests.

The ChromaID technology consists of a scanner that directs structured light onto a material and generates a spectral pattern that can be checked against a database.

A press release detailing the new development appears below:

Visualant granted ninth patent: extends ChromaID technology to fluids

- opens large health, safety, medical, food, and environmental markets

Visualant, Inc. - an industry-leading provider of chromatic-based identification, authentication and diagnostic solutions - announced today that it has received its ninth patent on its ChromaID technology.

The newly issued patent describes a fluid sampling device that simplifies spectral analysis to produce an accurate but inexpensive chromatic fingerprint for fluid samples. The use of the ChromaID in identifying, authenticating and diagnosing fluids extends the reach of the technology through its unique use of an array of variable wavelength LED emitters and photodiode detectors to measure the scattering of electromagnetic energy from a fluid.

The Visualant ChromaID technology as applied to identification, authentication and diagnostics of fluids allows for a wide variety of real-time real world applications. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining if water is potable;
  • Looking for the presence of water in aviation jet fuel;
  • Checking for counterfeit fluids including olive oil, wine and spirits;
  • Confirming that the correct fluid is flowing through the IV drip line;
  • Identifying known contaminants in various fluids; and
  • Determining if milk is spoiled

The patent issued by the US Office of Patents and Trademarks is US Patent No. 9,041,920 B2 and is entitled "Device for Evaluation of Fluids using Electromagnetic Energy."

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