Police seize 135 tonnes of fake soap, food and drink

Empty bottlesInternational police forces have seized more than 135 tonnes of counterfeit soap cubes, food and drink.

Europol and Interpol seized the soap as part of a joint effort to cut out fake food and drink across Europe. The police found counterfeit versions of everyday items, like coffee, and luxury goods, such as truffles and caviar. A further 100 tonnes of misdeclared food was also seized.

“In many cases, the quality of the packaging of the fake food and drink is so well done that consumers may not even be aware that they are buying illicit products,” Chris Vansteenkiste, project manager of the Intellectual Property Crime Team at Europol, said.

It is the second year the international police have run the initiative, called Operation Opson. The police have expanded the scope of the project this year, bringing in 20 more countries to help, and extended their focus beyond Europe into Africa, Asia and the Americas.

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