Mars Wrigley takes aim at fake THC-infused candy

Confectionary giant Mars Wrigley has filed three lawsuits in the US and Canada to try to curb sales of candy intended to mimic its big-selling brands, but which are laced with cannabis compound THC.

The lawsuits are directed against online shops selling "Medicated Skittles", "Starburst Gummies" and "Life Savers Medicated Gummies", amongst other knock-offs, that it says are putting consumers and particularly children at risk.

Last year, two children in Utah were hospitalised after eating counterfeit versions of Ferrara's Nerds Rope sweets that were nearly identical to the original brand other than the addition of the word "medicated" to the label.

The Mars Wrigley lawsuits say that the "nearly identical" counterfeits "pose a great danger to the public as anyone, children and adults alike, could easily mistake the infringing cannabis-infused products for Wrigley's famous and beloved candies."

The company is seeking an immediate injunction on the sale of the products as well as the destruction of stocks, and is claiming trademark infringement and dilution, as well as unfair competition. It is pushing for millions of dollars in damages per trademark infringement.

Among the online retailers named in the lawsuits are individuals, linked to websites like, and, as well as companies including Terphogz – which sells THC sweets under the Zkittlez name and has allegedly pilfered Mars Wrigley's "Taste the rainbow" strap line – and GasBuds.

"Mars Wrigley strongly condemns the use of popular candy brands in the marketing and sale of THC products, which is grossly deceptive and irresponsible," said the company in a statement.

"The use of Mars Wrigley’s brands in this manner is unauthorised, inappropriate and must cease, especially to protect children from mistakenly ingesting these unlawful THC products," it added.

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