In brief: Singapore hands fake Smirnoff bottles to Diageo

Counterfeit Smirnoff bottleThe Singaporean authorities have handed nearly 78,000 fake Smirnoff vodka bottles, caps and labels to brand owner Diageo for destruction.

The counterfeits were uncovered in eleven 20-foot shipping containers by Singapore customs in June 2013 at the Keppel Distripark shipping complex whilst en route from a neighbouring country, according to the authorities on the island.

"The items, suspected to be used for illegal bottling activities and sale outside Singapore, were immediately detained," said Singapore customs in a statement. The shipment was handed over to a representative of Diageo North America on December 26.

Counterfeits spirits have been found to contain a range of noxious contaminants, including isopropanol, methanol and chloroform. These types of chemicals can cause a range of symptoms and adverse effects, ranging from sickness and vomiting and abdominal pain to kidney or liver problems, coma, irreversible blindness and death.

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