Gang steals almost $1m of milk in Florida

Six men have pleaded not guilty to allegations they stole $925,000 in milk and another $350,000 in milk crates over almost a year and half from the McArthur dairy group in Florida, US.

The claimed modus operandi of the group was to arrange for delivery drivers to carry extra creates of milk on their rounds, with the excess handed over to a receiver who arranged for the milk to be sold on the black market.

Three of the six (Eduardo Alvarez, Yohanny Padron, and Maikel Rodriguez) were delivery drivers for Island Dairy, a Miami-based milk distributor that works with McArthur dairy, while another man (Osleivy Rodriguez) was a dispatcher for that company.

Their alleged accomplices are Jose Fallayera and Ihosvany Lopez, respectively accused of picking up the milk and crates and selling them on. All six have denied the charges, which include first degree grand theft, grand theft and organised scheme to defraud, according to a Miami Herald report.

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