Czech police make arrests in fatal fake spirits case

Drunk youthCzech police have arrested two people in the counterfeit alcohol case that has killed at least 25 people in recent weeks.

Investigators believe the individuals used 15 metric tons of methanol to produce the counterfeit rum and vodka that poisoned consumers. Both of the people arrested work at a plant that uses methanol in the production of windshield washer fluid and face life in prison if found guilty.

As well as investigating the source of the dangerous drinks Czech authorities have been trying to stop people drinking the 15,000 litres they fear is still on the market. A ban on the sale of spirits with more than 20 per cent alcohol content was followed by a freeze on exports to Europe.

The ban on domestic sales is expected to lift soon but the beverage industry will face further consequences. Hard liquor manufactured in the country will need a detailed certificate of origin accompanied by production and distribution details.

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