Coalville, UK shop fined for selling fake vodka

A UK shop owner who sold counterfeit vodka that was deemed "unfit for human consumption" has been disqualified from serving as a company director and fined thousands of pounds.

Raman Joshi and his business, Audentior ITO Ltd – which ran a Metro store in Coalville, Leicestershire – ordered by Loughborough Magistrates' Court to pay almost £12,000 ($13,700) in fines and costs, after pleading guilty to counts in relation to the counterfeit goods.

Joshi bought the counterfeit Glen's Vodka bottles at a liquidation sales, and continued to sell it to customers even after one returned a bottle after falling ill. Eventually the bottles were seized by Trading Standards officers.

Loch Lomond Company, which owns the Glen's Vodka trademark, confirmed that the bottles were fake, while a laboratory analysis showed that they contained industrial alcohol which can cause people to become violently ill and suffer organ damage.

Counterfeit Glen's Vodka was also found at retail outlets in the Liverpool area last year.

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