USC-C tester spots counterfeit Apple chargers

A just-launched USB tester unit from ChargerLabs can be used to identify counterfeit Apple chargers and cables, according to ZDNET, which says it could be useful for those who buy a lot of these devices and want to screen for fakes.

The $110 Power-Z KM003C is generally used to test voltage and current through a USB port as well as other variables like capacity/energy test and protocol information, displaying results on a colour screen.

This type of device is generally intended to prevent the wrong capacity USB-C cable being used, for example one rated at 20W with a charger delivering 100W or 140W, which could result in fires.

Of interest to those worried about counterfeits however is its ability to identify fake Apple chargers and cables using E-mark identification chips used in the latest USB-C devices, which can reveal the manufacturer, specification and current load capacity.

That also means they can detect the absence of an E-Mark on devices that should have them, including Appleā€™s new range of USB-C chargers and cables. The electronics giant recently introduced a 140W charger for $99, with a USB-C to MagSafe cable retailing for another $49.

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