US defence agency activates anti-counterfeit deal

MicrochipThe US Defense Logistics Agency has activated its contract with Applied DNA Sciences to stop fake parts entering the military.

Activation of the contract comes as the DLA sources its first authentication services under the one year, $150,000 deal. DLA has mandated use of the technology by its suppliers.

On the back of the DLA mandate, Applied DNA Sciences has deals signed or pending with ten electronic components firms, and is in talks with another eight. To help smaller clients meet requirements, Applied DNA Sciences is working with two vendors that can apply the technology.

In preparing the anti-counterfeiting technology for military use, Applied DNA Sciences has added to its understanding of the process. CEO James Hayward said: "We’ve discovered our DNA marks will survive under extraordinary circumstances."

The anti-counterfeiting technology can withstand extreme temperatures and was effective after being in a deep space simulator. Armed with increased understanding, Applied DNA Sciences is going after other markets, such as textiles and pharmaceuticals.

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