Toyota hit by counterfeit airbags in Australia

Toyota airbagToyota has launched a national search in Australia for fake airbag parts that could put the lives of motorists at risk.

The beleaguered Japanese carmaker has issued a statement to distributors saying it has identified two suppliers who had been selling fake spiral cables used in airbags as genuine Toyota components, as well as spiral cables marketed as aftermarket parts that were supplied in counterfeit Toyota product packaging.

The counterfeiting incident is unrelated to the ongoing Takata airbag recall, which was implemented because of a defective inflator system and has now affected some 32 million vehicles made by Toyota and Honda.

A report says the affected airbags fit most of the two million Toyota vehicles sold in Australia over the past 10 years, but the company is unclear how many have been installed. There is a "serious concern" about the safety of the airbags, which may not deploy in a crash, and Toyota has asked dealers to check the part when cars come into dealers for routine servicing.

The issue does not affect cars that have not been in a crash but could be a problem in cars whose airbags have deployed and been reset. It could also affect other car manufacturers besides Toyota as the

The article notes that unlike the genuine part the counterfeit does not have gold-plated connectors or use copper wire, while the crimping of the cable is not strong enough and the plastic locking tabs are misaligned. The genuine part costs about A$300 wholesale while the fake part is estimated to cost as little as A$50, says

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