Radiopaque unveils X-ray visible bar codes

X-ray visible bar codeUS company Radiopaque Solutions has developed an X-ray technology that can be used to mark and code electronic components.

The identification devices - which can take the form of bar codes or serial numbers, for example - are not visible to the naked eye and can be adhered to almost any surface, according to the company, although if required they can be out in plain view for use as standard format ID codes.

The codes are readable by X-ray security scanners and medical X-ray imaging machines, and the technology has already been deployed in the medical device sector to create marker bands for catheters.

"The identification devices are only readable under X-ray inspection equipment and provide a positive link to uniquely identifying the authenticity of individual electronic parts," said Radiopaque's chief executive Thomas Lachner.

The rapid and drastic changes in the supply chain in recent years have contributed directly to the scourge of counterfeit electronic parts, according to Radiopaque.

Less well known, says the firm, is how counterfeiting and piracy are also impacting other related sectors, including energy storage and generation equipment, electromechanical parts, wiring, switchgears, connectors, fasteners and bearings.

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