India's carmakers launch campaign against fake parts

Fast riding motorbike, Old DelhiCounterfeit automotive components are a major scourge around the world, and India's carmakers are mounting a public awareness campaign to highlight the problem.

SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) formed an Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) to run multiple online campaigns highlighting the risks associated with what it describes as a 'tide' of counterfeit spare parts flooding the Indian market.

The trade body has set up a microsite to "create awareness and educate customers about the disadvantages and risks involved in using fake parts for their vehicles," which could result in costly repairs or even place lives at risk. It also covers validation methods, packaging updates and other best practices to detect fake products

Aside from the risk of litigation for those selling fake parts and the damage to a brand's reputation in the marketplace, SIAM also highlights the loss of tax revenue for the government and environmental damage caused by knock-offs.

It estimates that an extra 109 million litres of petrol and eight million litres of diesel are consumed each year as a result of the use of fake parts that boost fuel consumption. All told, that could amount to a excess spend of INR 6bn ($95m) a year while boosting harmful emissions by 10 to 15 per cent.

SIAM represents some 46 car vehicle manufacturers operating in India, with its members producing more than 20m cars, bikes and commercial vehicles per year, with around 3m exported to other markets.

Announcing the Be Genuine, Buy Genuine campaign, SIAM's R S Kalsi said: "The counterfeit spare parts market is not being considered as seriously as any other product fake products market."

"Introducing our campaign is a small step to create awareness about this phenomenon."

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