India refutes claims of fake parts in US planes

Chinook helicopterThe Indian government has refuted claims the military aircraft it bought from the US used fake parts from China.

India buys C-130J transport aircraft and other military equipment from the US - which is fighting against sourcing fake parts - but denies any of them have had faulty components. The Defence Minister also claims none of planes bought by the Indian Air Force (IAF) use parts from China.

In response to questioning in parliament, the minister, AK Antony, said: "The IAF has acquired a list of supplier from the US government with respect to aircraft procured from the USA and none of the suppliers are found to be Chinese manufacturers."

India is still waiting on the first deliveries of P8-I naval surveillance planes, but the manufacturer, Boeing, told Antony it will not use counterfeit parts. The IAF also chose Boeing as the supplier of 34 helicopters, 12 Chinooks and 22 Apaches, The Press Trust of India reports.

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