Illicit smart phones seized in Dallas

Seized smart phones and accessoriesUS customs officers have seized nearly $1m-worth of mobile phones and accessories at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials intercepted 30,000 black smart phones and accessories including phone holders, charging cables and batteries battery for intellectual property rights (IPR) violations.

The officers conducted an inspection of mobile phones and accessories when they discovered Underwriters Laboratory (UL) markings on the battery and the charging cord that turned out to be counterfeit. 

This shipment of counterfeit items - which originated in China - was en route to Louisiana when CBP officers seized the shipment on August 18.

"Counterfeiters have become increasingly sophisticated and aggressive in their efforts to pass unsafe and low quality products to American consumers," said Dallas CBP Port Director Cleatus Hunt.

"This seizure protects the trademark holder and its employees while denying profits to counterfeiters."

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