Hyundai warns US drivers over counterfeit parts

Hyundai has launched an awareness campaign highlighting the risks of using counterfeit automotive parts.

The carmaker said it has started the campaign in recognition that fake Hyundai parts "have been a growing problem over the last 30 years," according to Frank Ferrara, the company's executive vice president for customer satisfaction for the US market.

In addition to counterfeits, the company is also drawing attention to the risks associated with using aftermarket, salvaged and recycled auto parts and will highlight the differences "between non-Hyundai and Hyundai genuine parts."

The integrated media, advertising and public relations campaign will focus on safety and resale value.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates that counterfeit automobile parts cost the global automotive parts industry $12bn in lost sales a year, including $3bn in the US alone. The FTC also estimates that counterfeiting has cost the US auto parts industry 200,000-250,000 manufacturing jobs.

"Customers would see short-term savings after their vehicle was repaired, not even aware that non-Hyundai parts were used to bring these repair costs down," said Ferrara.

"Short-term savings can have adverse long-term implications on the vehicle and passengers, which ultimately ends up costing more."

"The more people who understand the dangers behind using non-Hyundai components and see the benefits of purchasing original parts, the less likely they are to suffer severe consequences and lose value on their car."

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