Hitachi rolls out authentication system for machinery

Hitachi Construction Machinery has started rolling out an anti-counterfeit based on a smart security label supplied by Toppan Printing to combat counterfeit counterfeiting and diversion.

The labels feature a hologram combined with Toppan’s ID-NEX service, which facilitates authentication and traceability through the use of QR codes that can be scanned and verified with a smartphone.

Hitachi began applying the labels to its products – which include construction and transportation machinery as well as spare parts and components – earlier this month.

The quality of the majority of counterfeit products is vastly inferior to that of authentic goods, and in the construction and transportation machinery sectors, defects or failures during operation can result in serious and potentially life-threatening accidents, it said.

According to Hitachi, using the security labels will help it tackle the trade in imitation goods and illicit distribution in the field, which could help it reduce the cost of monitoring the supply chain. Using holograms helps check authenticity with the naked eye and prevent label counterfeiting.

“Construction machinery is an essential part of infrastructure and is used for long periods after purchase, sustained by repeated part replacement and maintenance to ensure stable operation,” said Kenji Iitsuka of the company’s spare parts division.

“This means that providing aftermarket parts is a very important business for us. Using Toppan’s ID-NEX authentication and traceability service will enable our customers throughout the world to confirm the authenticity of the parts we supply and use them with greater reassurance and peace of mind.”

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