Favite patents non-reusable RFID tag to thwart counterfeits

Favite logoRadiofrequency identification (RFID) company Favite has been awarded a US patent on a tag that is destroyed when removed from an item, preventing its re-use.

The Taiwanese firm said the patent (No. 9,152,910) describes an RFID tag that cannot be removed from a genuine item, for example, and placed onto a counterfeit in order to falsify its provenance.

The tag comprises a substrate, a pattern formed on its surface and an adhesive layer, produced in such a way that the tag is destroyed if an attempt to remove it is made.

RFID tag structure having anti-reuse function and manufacture method thereof

Abstract: The present invention provides a RFID tag structure having anti-reuse function, comprising a substrate; a pattern formed on a surface of the substrate; and an adhesive layer provided on a surface of the pattern which is not in contact with the substrate, wherein the adhesive forces of the adhesive layer are stronger than the binding strengths generated between the pattern and the substrate, and the adhesive layer is capable of being adhered on an article to be adhered and a RFID tag is formed thereby; when the RFID tag is separated from the article to be adhered, the substrate is released from the article to be adhered, the pattern and the adhesive layer are still remained on the article to be adhered, thereby preventing the RFID tag from being reused and fulfilling the objective of anti-reuse and anti-counterfeit. The present invention also provides a manufacture method thereof.

US Patent No. 9,152,910

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