Brief: TechWaste starts offering secure product destruction

California’s TechWaste Recycling has started offering electronics companies certified and secure product destruction and brand protection.

The service is aimed at protecting businesses and their customers from faulty, counterfeit, expired, recalled, or otherwise unusable products finding their way back onto the marketplace, it says, adding that only total product destruction can assure that returned, discontinued, or unwanted products are not diverted and put back on sale.

“The world of electronics recycling and data destruction goes far beyond certifying correct disposals of monitors and smashing hard-drives,” it said in a statement. “Everything in today's world has a cord or a battery and virtually all consumer products have some form of electronics or packaging that is part of the product.”

TechWaste if offering a variety of destruction processes, including shredding, crushing, and manual destruction, and “guarantees proper disposal and liquidation by following all the rules and regulations set forth by the federal, state, local and Environmental Protection Agencies.”

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