Blackberry phone manufacturer files fake part patent

Blackberry phone imageThe manufacturers of Blackberry mobile phones is trying to patent a method for detecting fake components.

Research In Motion, the maker of Blackberry devices, developed the process to cut the risk of users installing counterfeit batteries and other components in their mobile phone. When a new component is added the processor sends a challenge to the new part to check if it is genuine.

If the component is unable to pass the challenge, the processor will send a message to alert the manufacturer a fake part is in use. The device will also alert the user and, in some cases, shut itself down until an authentic component is installed.

RIM has developed the method to tackle the aftermarket trade in counterfeit components. Mobile phones are one target for the counterfeiters, but fake automobile parts are a higher profile - and more dangerous - area of activity.

The patent application extends to cover the use of the method in cars and other environments. In cars the system could detect the presence of fake brake pads, alert the manufacturer and shut off the ignition. Clusters of such events could alert the manufacturers to a fake parts dealer.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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