Another death linked to fake iPhone charger

iPhone 4sThere are reports that another person has been killed after using a knock-off iPhone charger.

The latest reports suggest a 28-year-old man in Thailand was found dead - with scorch marks to his hand and chest - holding an iPhone 4S which was connected to a non-Apple charger. There were also scorch marks on the phone itself, according to

Earlier this year there were two reports from China of people receiving electric shocks from third-party or counterfeit copies of Apple power adaptors, one of which was fatal. Apple launched a takeback programme for copies of its iPhone and iPad USB chargers over the summer.

Apple recommends using only accessories that are certified by Apple and come with the "Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad" logo.

It offers advice to consumers on identifying counterfeit and imitation accessories on its website, for example this page on Lightning connector accessories.

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