Supplement maker Hebe Life taps Eltronis for authentication tech

Hebe Life has started using security labels on its dietary supplement products that it says will allow customers to make sure they have not bought a counterfeit product.

The UK-based supplement and “nutricosmetic” supplier has turned to security technology specialist Eltronis for the labels, which feature tamper-evidence and a unique QR code that can be scanned using a smartphone to verify the product’s authenticity, along with a holographic foil.

Hebe Life’s supplements are positioned as a luxury product, with its website offering one product called Core ASX for £275 ($371) for a 90-capsule bottle, and a pack of six 60-count bottles of SE85 Cellular Rejuvenation Supplement for £3,185. Both are based on natural astaxanthin and vitamin E.

After scanning the label, consumers “are not only reassured that the item they have purchased is genuine, but are provided with additional, relevant brand information on the bespoke Hebe Life web page they are sent to,” said Eltronis, which calls its cloud-based authentication platform “engage”.

The company also says the “enseal” label design contains multiple security features which make it impossible to reproduce, while the material allows it to be applied successfully to the supplement case.

 “We see engage answering many of the questions that brands have in relation to the consumer purchasing decision, by combining authentication with direct communication at the point of purchase,” said Pete Smallwood, business development manager for Eltronis.

“Consumers can interact with brands much more easily via their smartphones, giving them access to the latest online information,” he added.

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