Oriflame chooses 3D illusion label to protect perfume

Oriflame Love LondonOriflame is using Rolling Optics' 3D optical illusion film on its new perfume to differentiate it from counterfeits.

The patented technology used by Rolling Optics creates plastic films that appear to have depth, with layers seemingly inside the bottle. Counterfeiters are expected to lack the manufacturing capabilities or technical knowhow to mimic the film, meaning fakes are obvious to buyers.

"At Oriflame, we knew from the moment we saw samples of the breakthrough 3D innovation from Rolling Optics that this technology had the potential to be a game changer in the cosmetics market," said Brian Sparks, packaging director at Oriflame.

Oriflame is using the technology on its Love London eau de toilette, the label of which features a heart shape and the word 'love' seemingly floating behind the main branding. Sasco and Al Musbah are also using the film to differentiate their products from competitors and counterfeits.

Rolling Optics said it is also aiming the film at pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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