Make-up with a special ingredient: human faeces

Counterfeit cosmetics hit the headlines this week after the Los Angeles Police Department confiscated $700,000-worth of knock-off make-up contaminated with human and animal waste.

The haul was netted in an operation that covered 21 locations in LA retail area Santee Alley and uncovered a broad range of counterfeits including copies of Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics range, Urban Decay, MAC and NARS.

The brandowners tipped the LAPD off about the fake products after receiving complaints from the public about their quality and health issues, including skin complaints. Subsequent undercover purchases and analyses revealed the products contained only human and animal faeces but also high levels of bacteria and lead.

Police arrested the owners at six of the raided locations, while the other retail properties were served cease-and-desist orders, according to a KABC report.

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