Fake Philips toothbrush heads found in London

City of London police in the UK have seized around 3,000 counterfeit electric toothbrush heads, pretending to be genuine Philips’ Sonicare products, that could pose harm to purchasers.

If genuine, the toothbrushes would be worth around £45,000 ($56,000), according to the force’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), which said it was supported in investigating the knock-offs by Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit.

The items were seized after police searched two addresses in Newham, east London, and one man has been arrested on suspicion of distributing articles infringing trademarks and the acquisition of criminal property. He has been released under investigation. Approximately £6,000 in cash was seized from the premises searched and will now be subject to confiscation proceedings. 

The operation was sparked when a “consumer goods manufacturer” identified that the suspected counterfeit products were being sold on Amazon and referred the case to PIPCU.

“Counterfeit products don’t meet required safety standards. Consumers expecting to receive a branded product, famous for its quality and design, will often end up with an inferior and potentially dangerous imitation,” said PIPCU Police Staff Investigator Adam Watkins.

“Like many other counterfeit healthcare products, these toothbrush heads pose a health risk to consumers. They are often made in unsanitary environments and from substandard materials, which can cause the brush head to detach and become a choking hazard.”

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