China driving rise in counterfeit cosmetics

Eyeshadow potsFactories in China are behind the continued rise in cases of counterfeit cosmetics and personal care products, a UK IPO report found.

More than half of UK regional trading standards bodies encountered cases of fake cosmetics in 2011, an increase on the previous year. Factories in China are reportedly behind the increase.

In its 2011 crime report the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) wrote: “The majority of the illicit factories are located in Southern East China in regions such as Guangzhou, Guangdong, and Shantou which is particularly notorious.”

Facilities manufacturing counterfeit cosmetics and personal care products fall into two groups. Some are hidden operations running out of rented office space or disused premises. Others are overt facilities that manufacture Chinese brands but are also open to producing counterfeits.

As many of the products come into contact with the skin the IPO is concerned about the health implications. Analysis of counterfeit razor blades seized in the UK has revealed the presence of human DNA from the manufacturing stage.

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