UN urges tourists to steer clear of counterfeits

Campaign logoThe United Nations has launched a campaign to encourage the public to be aware of trafficked goods, such as counterfeit goods and illicit drugs, when on holiday.

The UN wants to enlist tourists in efforts to fight multiple forms of trafficking they may be exposed to whilst travelling and raising awareness and encouraging them to take action through "responsible consumer choices".

People should be aware of situations that suggest trafficking of persons, wildlife, cultural artefacts, illicit drugs and fake goods is taking place so they can make ethical decisions, according to the campaign - which comes under the tagline: Your Actions Count - Be a Responsible Traveller.

"Tourists are global citizens and with over one billion tourists travelling the world each year they must become a force for good," said Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

"Making the right ethical choice as consumers reduces the demand for illegal products and contributes to preserve natural and cultural assets that form an invaluable part of the heritage of the communities and people we visit," he added.

Hotel and tourism companies Marriott International and Sabre Holdings - which operates and amongst other ventures - are the first commercial groups to sign up to the initiative.

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