UK operation cracks down on Manchester's 'counterfeit street'

An operation by Greater Manchester Police in the UK has resulted in a string of arrests an the seizure of a large number of counterfeit goods.

The raids – conducted in the build-up to the November 5 bonfire night celebration – included an address on Locket Street in the Strangeways area of the city as well as properties on Bury New Road in Cheetham Hill, a notorious hot spot for knock-off goods commonly known as 'counterfeit street'.

Last week, Operation Vulcan uncovered an estimated 20 tonnes of replica clothing, along with a van which was being used for a burglary containing a machete and an axe, which exposes once again the link between counterfeiting and other forms of crime.

"Behind the shutters of these stores are hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of counterfeit clothes, medication, vapes, perfumes and drugs, all contributing to serious organised crime and money laundering in Manchester," said GMP.

"With that, comes violent crimes which have devastating effects on the local community and legitimate businesses in the surrounding areas."

Plans are now being drawn up to seek closure and compulsory purchase orders for any of the counterfeit-peddling retail units operating in the area, with some demolished to make way for new buildings to regenerate the area, which has been linked to 33 organised crime gangs from across the UK.

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