UK fashion retailer wins case against counterfeiters

Lipsy logoWomen's fashion firm Lipsy has won a lawsuit against counterfeiters who were apprehended selling fake copies of its products in the UK.

Lionel and Jacqueline Benhaim - from Ongar in Essex - were convicted of possessing and selling goods bearing the Lipsy logo at markets in the southeast of England and given fines of £1,000 and £200, respectively, according to investigation agency TM Eye, which carried out test purchases of the goods they sold.  The pair pleaded guilty to a total of six trademark infringement offences.

London-based Lipsy is a subsidiary of the Next group and over specialises in designer-inspired fashion clothing for the general retail sector, and linking ranges with celebrities such as Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

The company said in a statement that: "The conviction of Jacqueline and Lionel Benhaim sends a strong message that those who sell fake Lipsy goods, and offenders will be brought to justice in the criminal courts. Lipsy continues to target offenders."

Next is cracking down on individuals and organisations touting fake Lipsy products, which is among its best-performing business units with sales rising 11 per cent to around £65m in the 12 months ended January 2014.

There have been allegations that counterfeit versions of Lipsy goods have appeared on online retail sites such as Amazon and eBay, and the company monitors activity on these sites to try to take down infringing ads.

"The only way to guarantee that you are purchasing genuine Lipsy goods is to buy from Lipsy stores and websites," it says.

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