Six accused of organised cargo theft ring at JFK airport

Six people have been accused of running an organised cargo theft operation at JFK International Airport in New York targeting shipments of designer clothes and accessories.

The suspects – who include two former airport workers – stole more than $6m-worth of goods “allegedly used forged documents and their insider knowledge…to steal air cargo,” according to  Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz.

They used tractor trailers to “haul away several pallets of designer clothes, handbags, sneakers, shoes, sunglasses and other accessories,” according to Katz. All of the suspects face charges of grand larceny and criminal possession of property.

The main defendants in the case are David Lacarriere (33) and Gary McArthur (43), who previously worked as truckers at JFK. The first theft is reported to have taken place on January 1 this year and involved a shipment of Prada goods. Subsequent thefts involved Chanel and Gucci products.

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