Rapper Zuby deploys NFC, blockchain traceability on merch

British rapper Zuby will use near-field communication (NFC) tags and a blockchain traceability system to secure his new limited edition streetwear range.

The garments in the “Take the Power Back” collection – consisting of 50 hoodies, 125 T-shirts, and 125 caps – will be tagged with an NFC chip linked to a blockchain technology supplied by Singapore-based non-profit VeChain Foundation to provide proof of authenticity.

Through a mobile application provided by the Bitcoin Movement, purchasers can scan a sticker attached to the garment, and the application will retrieve product information from the blockchain in real-time. If the product is authentic, the application will display the message “100% Genuine Verified”.

Blockchain is increasingly being used by the luxury products industry, and survey by US Cotton Trust Protocol and Economist Intelligence Unit earlier this year found that 41 per cent of business leaders in global fashion are investing in blockchain.

For example, Burberry has a partnership with IBM, using blockchain to produce a consumer-centric system for product traceability, while Seven Hills is using blockchain verification as both a designer label and a Fairtrade symbol, according to a GlobalData report.

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