One parcel with $22.5m in fake watches seized by CBP

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Louisville, Kentucky, have intercepted a parcel containing counterfeit designer watches that if real would have had a value of more than $22.5m.

The shipment of 584 fake Rolex and Cartier watches was arriving from an individual in Hong Kong and was destined for a resident in Jamaica, New York, according to the agency. On the same night, another parcel was seized containing six counterfeit Richard Millie watches that would have been worth $755,000 had they been genuine.

"Consumers are always looking for the best deal, the unfortunate part is criminals are also online peddling their counterfeit products," said Louisville Port Director Thomas Mahn in a statement.

"Our CBP officers will continue to seize counterfeit items that threaten the safety and health of consumers and weaken the US economy," he added.

Last year there were more than 3,300 seizures of watches and jewellery by CBP, worth $1.18bn million at manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP). 40 per cent of seizures came from China, with around 19 per cent from Hong Kong.

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