Furmark traceability scheme 'gathering momentum'

Since its launch last year, the Furmark traceability system for natural fur products been adopted by 150 manufacturers, with more than 50,000 garments using the coding system now available in international markets, says its developer.

The International Fur Federation (IFF) – which launched Furmark last year to guarantee animal welfare and environmental standards in the sector – also says the number of tagged garments will double in the next year as the system is expanded to include additional fur type – including chinchilla and nutria – along with mink, fox, finnraccoon, swakara, farm-raised sable, wild sable and wild fur.

It makes use of unique QR codes on swing tag labels that when scanned provide information on the provenance of fur – using web-based software supplied by ChainPoint – and allows fur products to be traced back through the supply chain, from the farm or wild source through auction houses, dressers and dyers, finished garment manufacturers and retailers.

The IFF claims that unlike fake fur made of synthetic materials, natural fur is sustainable and biodegradable, and the Furmark guarantees that products have met globally-agreed standards for sourcing, welfare, environmental protection and sustainability.

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